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the 3 day walk

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    photo journal of an amazing journey 3 days 60 miles for my mom! for my sister! for my daughters! for my friends! becasue I can!

Post CE 06 Circle Journals

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    TOO bad 1/2 of the CJ in this group got "LOST" including MINE... wierd!

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October 14, 2008



Hi Cath
Love reading your thoughts on the trip, so many things I have forgotten already!
PS great painting you bought.


Your trip sounds AMAZING! Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to visit China and other parts of the world. But until then...I can live it thru other people like yourself. I really look forward to meeting you in March in TN. Heidi L. says that you are a RIOT!


Just me...lurking
as thru your adventures

Susan in NY

About a third are probably me...checking to see if you have updated! I am trying to be patient. But the closest I've gotten to China is Chinatown in know, ChinaLite. So I am stalking your blog. I admit it. ;P LOL

Kathleen Loughran

Hey Sweets,

You caught me. I am stalking your blog through Google Reader. Doesn't leave the option to comment there. Just read. Loving hearing about your journey. Miss you tons!


Lyn Meeker

I will fess up.. I have been visiting ... love your have told me more than my son has! LOL!


Me! I'm one of your lurkers! I'm loving seeing a peek into your trip to China!


Ok sometimes i just check to see if you updated and i will not be commenting on that LOL. And despite all the things that Harriet aka me wrote in that little notebook i didn't get the artist's name. I agree with Emily great painting you bought, and as your rickshaw riding buddy how did i miss that....oh ya must have been because we were laughing so hard....go find Brenda! Or maybe the drinking we did, gotta love that beer and rum & dc! Love ya like a crazy! hugs me


Catherine, I love your trip summaries and insights and photos. Travelling in the far east is unlike anything in the U.S. or Europe. I look forward to seeing the Heidi project. The Chinese newlyweds are adorable! As are your daughters! Happy Birthday to Eva!!

Katherine McKamey

I've been living vicariously through you! Ha Ha - better than living here with the flood/damage/repairs goin' on!

Keep those wild adventure pics comin'!


hi sister ... love seeing your photos ... didn't we have the BEST time ... seriously! A trip i will never forget and some friends for life ... so so so lucky~!
i am still trying to catch up with my work ... i really really want to do some scrapbooking, i did make heidi's ce project while i was there ... so will post a pic, it turned out super cute
have a great rest of your week
luv chanel


hey ... i need veronica's contact! can you send it to me!

Anna M-W

Don't you love lurkers? Do they not know there is such a thing called Sitemeter? HELLO!

Love the painting it is beautiful!

FYI - Sometimes if I know I am going to type out a long post, I type it into Word and just copy and paste into the post.

Have fun bowling...


I know you're home...but I keep having the feeling you're still in China! (Guess it's that I'm lovin' readin' your blogs). Thanks for giving us such a great look into your trip. Can't wait to see that you've really returned!

Heather Bellanger

I'm dying for the next installment... Remember I live vicariously through your adventures....

Susan in NY

Is it STILL Friday??? This is like Groundhog's Day...i keep, still Friday...nope, still Friday...sigh, still Friday...aargh, still Friday! Maybe since tomorrow is a Saturday, it will be Saturday in China on CFE's blog. ;P Love from one of your stalkers!!!

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