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the 3 day walk

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    photo journal of an amazing journey 3 days 60 miles for my mom! for my sister! for my daughters! for my friends! becasue I can!

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    TOO bad 1/2 of the CJ in this group got "LOST" including MINE... wierd!

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May 31, 2009


Liquid EPDM

I think exhausting the garage is best way for purpose.


Wow friend that is awesome! Wish I could come help! Can't wait to see more pics of the new place!

Anna M-W

Soooooo jealous!

Miss you wench!

Ruby Sugar

OMgoodness -- is that THE house - the one we both absolutely adored and looked at unbeknownest to the other? I wish I could be envious but cannot - you and your precious family deserve this beautiful home.

Sandi Vohdin

Beautiful house, Cath. You and I talked about those homes years ago. Glad you are well. Hope to see you somewhere - soon.


Wow! No wonder we haven't seen you around! Hey after you're done with yours, do you wanna do ours? It's been around since 1914 so we have the same creaking floors and let's not talk about the termites (actually I think that's what's holding the house together!--ugh!) Have a great summer planning all the new stuff for the inside! Guess you'll be vacationing at Ikea!


How exciting! Love the new place gorgeous

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