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the 3 day walk

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    photo journal of an amazing journey 3 days 60 miles for my mom! for my sister! for my daughters! for my friends! becasue I can!

Post CE 06 Circle Journals

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    TOO bad 1/2 of the CJ in this group got "LOST" including MINE... wierd!

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October 02, 2008



I wish you could have dropped by to Japan on the way back home! There are so many things to see, do and buy here as well. Next time you should come here!


Veronica Norris

So fun to read your rendition of the trip, keep it coming baby! Hugs, your new Canadian friend! We'll just be trouble together and have a lot of fun and laughs while we're at it! "That bag it's cute, where'd ya buy it, it's cute"....


Ooh... I can't wait until we all share photos. You got some really great ones that are totally different from mine! It was awesome to meet and hang out with you :)


Catherine -
Looks like you had a fabulous time. The pictures are great! Now go get some sleep!!! :)


Enjoying reading your thoughts on the trip, it was so much fun!


Our guide had a yellow flag too...kinda funny how they always say "follow the yellow flag" as if it's different from the other yellow flags seen all over Beijing. Our guide was wonderful too. There is a lot of training and restrictions to being a guide. Ours had gone to special school for over three years and was in training for the Olympics tour guides...a very selective group especially for American guides.
I totally love hearing about your trip...keep the posts coming!


Hmmmm, something happened to the previous post...I mentioned that the numbered duck maybe to compete with McDonalds' Billions Served! [maybe there are MCD blog poster police! LOL]

Anna M-W!

Someone annoyed you on your trip...note to self to ask you about that person later!

Now I am pissed I didn't go with you!

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