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the 3 day walk

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    photo journal of an amazing journey 3 days 60 miles for my mom! for my sister! for my daughters! for my friends! becasue I can!

Post CE 06 Circle Journals

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    TOO bad 1/2 of the CJ in this group got "LOST" including MINE... wierd!

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October 11, 2008


Anna M-W

What a great post!
So cute she wouldn't do a thing until 6:40!

Sandi V

You're a great mom, Cath.


happy birthday, sweet girl!!! you sure made your mama happy with that camera trick!!

Susan in NY

Sure, make ME look like the bad guy while you keep us all in suspense! ;o) LOL Of course, a birthday must take priority over blogging... especially for a girl who's as sweet as Eva. Hmmm, special, creative, smart, compassionate, who DOES that remind me of? Oh wait, apple, tree, I get it. You are indeed blessed, but I am guessing you had more to do with it than you will admit. I love your photos, especially Eva's little smile in the "sleeping" photo. That one made me smile. What an angel! xoxo Susan

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