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the 3 day walk

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    photo journal of an amazing journey 3 days 60 miles for my mom! for my sister! for my daughters! for my friends! becasue I can!

Post CE 06 Circle Journals

  • ELiz Simon's Favorite Song CJ
    TOO bad 1/2 of the CJ in this group got "LOST" including MINE... wierd!

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October 05, 2008



nei hao! more great pictures!
hope you've kicked the jetlag now! It normally makes me sleep for a day about 4 days after getting home & then I'm fine.

Lara Cousijns

Looks like you had an amazing time. Hope you share your projects of the memories!
Take care


Love the night photos, wish i had taken more!!! LOL. All i got was a big fat head cold when i came home. Didn't really get the jet lag, only felt doped out on my advil! So i feel lucky in that dept.

Anna M-W

Great pics again girl!

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